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  PETHERTON PARK Kennels & Cattery  -  Proprietors Rodney Connelly and Ben Luxton


Rodney Connelly - I cannot ever remember a time when dogs were not a part of my life. Dogs were always ‘members of our family’. In 1971, aged ten, I attended the local Obedience School with our treasured boy Scampi. We graduated through the ranks which was a great thrill. This education process, the exposure to all breeds of dogs, partnered with the sheer exhilaration of successful competition, unbeknown to me at that time, was to be the beginning of a dynasty, setting in concrete, the foundation for a life with dogs.

I have always possessed a passion for the exotic. Having owned Arabian horses, kept and bred exotic birds, shown and bred Siamese and Orientals it was destined my passion would flow through to the dog world.

In 1976, I fell in love with Zac, a beautiful red and white basenji exhibiting arrogance, elegance & grace. Zac was my first pedigree dog and my entry into the fascinating world of conformation exhibition.

Chinese Crested’s entered my life mid 1977 & the transfer of the prefix ‘Miniatura’ (Est 1951).

As I began to travel extensively with my dogs I had the pleasure of meeting many knowledgeable people.

I exhibited Afghan hounds from 1984.

Mid 1986 brought another dream to fruition, ‘Albert’ an exhibition greyhound.      He titled very quickly and was the most delightful dog you could have ever imagined to be owned by. He was the consummate companion.

Standard poodles entered my life in 1988.

My dream came true in 1991. I had never given up and had always been researching Shar-pei, I believed I could find a Shar-pei to not only be my true companion but could also be worthy of the wins that had been bestowed upon my earlier loves. Winnie & Mandela, yes they were both black, came into my life. They were the foundation of MINIATURA Shar-pei and their progeny and kennel mates have created records to be envied.

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel association has always been in the stalls so to speak. I was privileged to meet Lilly in 1977. Lilly left an impression that has lasted my lifetime as to what I adored and would look for in the future as to my ideal Cavalier. I remember often, quite vividly this beautiful girl. It was in 1997 I entered the Cavalier arena

The quality of my dogs is recognized nationally and internationally.

My dog family has grown in ways I could never have imagined when I started. I have a wonderful extended family of people.

I am an exhibitor / breeder who is ALWAYS here and available for everyone. For anyone new to the breeds that may need a little mentoring, for those who have purchased puppies, through good and bad times I am here.

I am here from their first breath, to their last……even if that’s only to hold the hearts of the humans they left behind.

I was a foundation member of the Shar-pei Club of Victoria Inc, and completed terms as Vice-President and Treasurer.

I am a member of the Advance Ambassador Programme / Pedigree Gold Partners sponsorship team.

I live on the property located on the city edge of Adelaide where not only my dogs can enjoy life but our client’s dogs & cats whilst holidaying here. To find out more about me  please go to.... www.miniatura.com.au.....

Ben Luxton  - I commenced in the sport of pure breed dog exhibition with pugs in 1984 and continue to breed multiple Best in Show and Specialty Best in Show winning dogs and bitches.

I am a foundation member of the Pug Club of South Australia Inc, have completed two terms as President, one term as Vice President & currently hold the President position once more  with this Club. 

A member of the Pedigree Gold Partners sponsorship team / Advance Ambassador Programme.

The type, soundness and quality of my dogs is recognized nationally and internationally. Obsidion pugs are currently campaigned with great success in New Zealand, Italy and Japan.

Falling in love with the elegance and arrogance of the Basenji breed in 1997, basenjis soon made their way into the kennel. I campaigned basenjis on and off through 1997 – 2002 with great success. Then, taking a break from campaigning basenjis, it has not been since the last litter (born 2005) from my BISS Tri girl, CH. Helios the Dragonfly, (Tootsie) that I have re- entered the hound ring again with great success.

I completed my judge’s license to judge the Toy Group in 2001, Hound Group in 2003, Gundog group in 2004, Working dogs in 2005 and Non Sporting in 2006. I became an All Breeds judge in December, 2008. Therefore,  I am qualified to judge all groups at Championship show level both nationally and internationally.

Throughout my canine career, I have established not only a style of pug, but a style of handling to complement the handler/dog association in the show arena. I am an experienced handler of many breeds and have judged State finals for Junior Showmanship competitions throughout Australia.

I live on the property located on the outskirts of Adelaide where not only my dogs but our clients dogs can enjoy the sights and smells of a country lifestyle. To find out more about me  please go to.... www.obsidionpugs.com.....


Proprietors - Rodney Connelly and Ben Luxton

Lot 104 Spencer St  MacDonald Park  SA  5121

Phone 08 8284 7393 - Fax  08 82848774

email : pethertonpark@bigpond.com