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PETHERTON PARK Kennel Facilties

Dogs - Our dog facility is spacious, secure, has an abundance of natural light and ventilation. 

All suites have solid walls between them for your dog’s privacy and safety. There is a spacious sleeping area with a resting bed and an attached exercise run.

We provide each guest a fresh hammock bed & quilt whilst staying with us. Music is available 24 hours for relaxation.

Our guests are very important to us & therefore given absolute guaranteed personalised care frequently throughout the day.

Our daily menu offers a selection of Premium dry & wet foods, fresh meat, home-made meat loaf, gourmet sachet & canned food. 

We would like for you to let us know what type of food your dog prefers, so we can cater to their requirements.  

We prefer to feed what your dog is used to.

Our food bowls are stainless steel to assist with maintaining our high hygiene standards at all times

We would like you to have peace of mind whilst your pet is staying with us that our dog breeding & showing experience has taught us to recognise any problems as they may occur.

The following are some of the services we provide :

All suites sleeping quarters are double brick & insulated with lockable doors

  • Our single suites (small & medium breeds) are 1.2 x 4m with the sleeping quarters being 1.2m x 1.8m
  • Our double suites (medium & large breeds) are 2m x 3m with the sleeping quarters being 1.2m x 2m
  • Our giant breed suites are 1.6m x 4m with the sleeping quarters being 1.6m x 3m
  • Our suites are cleaned & disinfected daily and are checked throughout the day to maintain cleanliness

Our day runs / exercise yards

  • Four  3.5m x 71m
  • Four  7m x 7m
  • Three  3m x 15m
  • Three  3m x 12m
  • Two   3m x 35m
  • One   38m x 38m
  • One   26m x 23m
  • One   15m x 71m
  • One   7m x 32m


Cattery - Our cattery is light, airy and heated in winter where all our guests have secure individual accommodation.

The suites are spacious, providing different levels for feeding, sleeping, playtime & litter tray.

All suites measure 1.2m wide x 2m high x 2.6m deep

Music plays throughout the day

All dietary requirements are catered for with a wide variety of foods available.

A selection of Premium dry & wet foods, fresh meat, gourmet sachet & canned food are on the daily menu.

It is a requirement, all clients must have proof of a current F3 vaccination for their pet.





Proprietors - Rodney Connelly and Ben Luxton

Lot 104 Spencer St  MacDonald Park  SA  5121

Phone 08 8284 7393 - Fax  08 8284 8774

email : pethertonpark@bigpond.com