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  PETHERTON PARK  Daily  Activities


Petherton Park provides a safe, friendly environment where your pet can spend time relaxing or socializing while you are away.Your dog or cat will enjoy and experience all the comforts in a peaceful country setting.

All pets have special needs; from puppy to adult to senior, large and small breeds.

Petherton Park will take care of each pet individually.

We provide play time for the more active and rest time for the less active.

At Petherton Park, unlike some facilities where dogs spend their entire stay in their suite, even while it is being cleaned, our guests are able to go to different grassed exercise runs, allowing not only more interaction with us but adding the bonus of being able to run alongside other dogs. This way they can enjoy exercising and play alongside others, whilst still being secure in their own area.

This is very time consuming thou the benefit is even more personal attention for your pet!

All small dogs are exercised away from the larger ones.  




Proprietors - Rodney Connelly and Ben Luxton

Lot 104 Spencer St  MacDonald Park  SA  5121

Phone 08 8284 7393 - Fax  08 8284 8774

email : pethertonpark@bigpond.com